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XIV congress of AAH 2019

The draft program of XIV congress of Albanian Association of Heamatology

at 15, 16, November 2019.

Plaza Hotel, Rruga Abdi Toptani – 1001, Tirana, Albania.

Accreditation 11 points EBAH. Registration fee 5000 ALL.

(after every lecture will be (5-°©‐‑10 min for questions)

Email. mobil; 00355684420406

Day one 15. 11. 2019

Time, 08.00 – 08.45 Registration

Time, 09.00. Welcome word, Prof. Arben Ivanaj, Ass. Prof. Tatjana Caja

Prof. Arben Gjata, Rector of UMT of Tirana*

Prof. Xheladin Dracini, Dean of Faculty of Medicine, UMT*

Mrs. Ogerta Manastirliu, Minister of Health, Albania*

10. 00. First session, Moderators, Prof. A.Ivanaj, Ass. Prof. T. Caja

10. 05. Prof. Mary Kwok; Monoclonal Gammopathy: More than Myeloma. MD, FACP,

LTC, MC, USA Murtha Cancer Center, Walter Reed National Military Medical

Center, Program Director, NCC Hematology-Oncology Fellowship Program Director,

WRNMMC Stem Cell Transplant Program, Uniformed Services University.

10. 35. Prof. Helena Papadaki; Low risk Myelodysplastic syndromes. Diagnosis and


School of Medicine, University of Crete, Head of the Department of Haematology &

The Public Umbilical Cord Blood Bank University Hospital of Heraklion, Vice

Director, Hellenic Transplant Organization

11. 05. Prof. Tim Call; CLL 2019: a year of updates and changes.

Hematology Clinic at Mayo Clinic, USA.

11. 35. Coffee break 30 min

12. 10. Prof. Robert Johnson; Myelodysplasia. High risk myelodysplasia. Department of

Medicine, the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, USA.

12.40. Prof. Gianluca Gaidano; Diffuse large B cell lymphoma: time for Precision


Director, Division of Hematology Department of Translational Medicine University of

Eastern Piedmond, Novara, Italy.

13.10. Prof. Alva B Weir; MGUS, Complications of Monoclonal Gammopathies other

than Myeloma. UT, Tennessee, USA

13.40. Lunch

15. 30. Second session, Moderators, Prof. P. Pulluqi, Prof. A. Ukimeraj

15.30. Prof. Ass. Tatjana Caja, Treatment of MM, target therapy in 2019.

Hematology Service, UMT of Tirana, Albania.

16.00. Ass prof. d-r Sanja Trajkova; Nord Makedonia experience with Rituximab sc in

patients with B cell malignant disorders. University Clinic of Hematology-Skopje,

“Majka Tereza” 17, Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia

16. 30. Prof. Polikron Pulluqi, Target therapy in AML in 2019.

Hematology Service, UMT of Tirana, Albania.

17.00 – 18.30. Roche session

19.00. Diner

16.07. 2019. Second day

08. 15. Registration

08. 55. Moderators, Prof. A. Ivanaj, dr Alma Cili.

09. 00. Prof. Eric Deconinck, BPDCN new therapeutic options in 2019.

Chef de pôle Cancérologie / Chef de service Hématologie CHRU

Besançon / Université de Franche-Comté / INSERM UMR1098. BESANCON,


09.30. Prof. Andreas Hausmann, Hematology Clinic, Munich, Germany.

10.00. Prof. Irina Panovska Stavridis: Introduction of obinituzmab in the routine practice-

North Macedonian experience. Medical Director University Clinic of Hematology-

Skopje, “Majka Tereza” 17, Skopje, Republic of North Macedonia

10.30. Prof. Aleksandra Pivkova-Veljanovska: Addressing unmet medical needs in

DLBCL. University Clinic of Hematology-Skopje, “Majka Tereza” 17, Skopje,

Republic of North Macedonia

11.00. Coffee break

11.30. dr. A. Cili, Car T cell therapy in 2019. Hematology Service, UMT of Tirana,


12.00. Novartis Symposium

13.00. Lunch

15. 00. Prof. A. Ivanaj, Bone marrow transplantation, standard recommendation in 2019. Head of Hematology Service, UMT of Tirana, Albania.

15.30. Prof. G. Sulcebej, Relevance of flow cytometry immunophenotyping in the diagnosis and prognosis of hematological malignancies,Immunology and Histocompatibility Service, UMT of Tirana, Albania.

16.00 Ass. Prof. Aferdita Ukimeraj,CYBORD protocol as first line of MM patients, Kosovo experience. Hematolgoy Servece, UHC, Prishtina. Kosova. Hematology Service, UHC, Prishtina. Kosova.

16. 30. Dr. Ela Calliku, Mielosclerosis treatment and Albanian experience.

Hematology Service, UHC “Nene Tereza”, Tirane, Albania.

17. 00 The importance of the empiric treatment in invasive fungale infection in hematologic patients in outcome. Prof. A. Ivanaj, Head of Service Hematology, UHC “Mother Teresa”, Tirana. Albania.

17.30. dr. Adela Perolla, Bone marrow niche and the genetic survival game.

Hematology Service, UHC “Nene Tereza”, Tirane, Albania.

18. 30. dr. Alma Ruci, The role of cytology in hematological malignancies diseases in 2019. Laboratory Service, UHC “Nene Tereza”, Tirane, Albania.

18.00. Discussions, Closing of congress.

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