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Congress of AAH 2018

The final program of XIII congress of Albanian Association of Heamatology at 5, 6, November 2018.

Plaza Hotel, Rruga Abdi Toptani – 1001, Tirana, Albania. Accredited by EBAH 11 points.

(registration fee 5 000 ALL).

(after every lecture will be (5‐10 min for questions)

Email. mobil; 00355684420406.

Day one 05. 11. 2018

Time, 08.00 – 08.45 Registration

Time, 08.45. Welcome word, prof. Arben Ivanaj, Ass. Prof. Tatiana Caja

Prof. Arben Gjata, Rector of UMT of Tirana.*

Prof. Xheladin Dracini, Dean of Faculty of Medicine, UMT.*

Mrs. Ogerta Manastirliu, Minister of Health, Albania.*

09.30. First session, Moderators Prof. A.Ivanaj, Ass. Prof. T. Caja

10. 05. Prof. Meletios Dimopoulus, “Update in the treatment of MM in 2018”

Professor and Rector of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens,


10. 35. Prof. Xavier Pivot, “Cancer, from genes to treatment” Directeur Général,

Institut Régional du Cancer, Strasbourg, France

11. 05. Prof Biljana Mihaljevic, “Follicular lymphoma: past, present and

emerging”. Director of Clinic for Hematology, Faculty of Medicine,

Belgrade University, Serbia.

11. 35 Coffee break 30 min

12. 10. Prof. Gottardo De Angelis, “Allogenic bone marrow transplantation in AML,

an update”, UT Tor Vergato, Rome, Italy.

12.40. Prof. Andreas Hausmann, “Haploidentical transplantation, Status quo and

future perspectives” Hematology Clinic, Munich, Germany.

13.10. Ass. Prof. Jelena Bila, “Shall we treat smoldering Multiple Myeloma in the

near future”, Hematology Clinic, Faculty of Medicine, Belgrade University,


13.40. Prof. Gianluca Gaidano, “Chronic lymphocytic leukemia: from genes to

treatment” Director, Division of Hematology Department of Translational

Medicine University of Eastern Piedmond, Novara, Italy.

14.10 Erion Dobi, MD, PhD, « What is the news in target therapy in cancer”,

CHU de Bezanson, France

13.05 Lunch

Ora 15.00, Second session, Moderators Prof. Polikron Pulluqi, Ass. Prof. Arjan Pushi

16.00. Prof. Agron Ylli, “The hematologic complications in patients treated with

antithyroid drugs”. Endocrinology service, UMT of Tirana. Albania.

16.30. Prof. Skerdi Prifti, “Anemic syndrome in patients with Inflammatory bowel

disease” Gastroenterology Service, UMT of Tirana. Albania.

17.00. Prof. Arvin Dibra, “Surgery role in the treatment of abdominal NHML”.

Surgery service, UMT of Tirana. Albania.

17.30. Ass. Prof. Albana Fico, “The register of the chronic disease in Albania”,

ISHP Director, Tirana, Albania.

*to be confirmed

18.00 Discussions

Day two 06. 11. 2018

08. 15. Registration

08. 55. Moderators, Tatjana Caja, Polikron Pulluqi

09. 00. Ass. Prof. Timothy Call, “Update in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia”,

Hematology Clinic at Mayo Clinic, USA.

09.30. Prof. Alva B Weir, “Update in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms”, UT,

Tennessee, USA.

10.00. Prof. Jeffrey A. Zonder, “Diagnosis and Treatment of AL Amyloidosis:

Focus on Emerging Therapies.” Karmanos Cancer Institute/Wayne State

University School of Medicine, Detroit, MI, USA.

10.30. Ass. Prof. Tatjana Caja, “Fixed duration vs continuous therapy in Multiple

Myeloma”, Hematology Service, UHC Tirana, UMT of Tirana. Albania.

11.00. Prof. Edvin Prifti. “Cardiac Cellular cardiomyoplasty into infracted swine's

hearts by retrograde infusion through the venous coronary sinus: An

experimental study of cardiac steam cells”. Cardiovascular Service,

UMT of Tirana. Albania.

11.30. Prof. Arben Ivanaj. “CAR-°©‐ T cell the new treatment in lymphoid neoplasia”.

Hematology Service, UMT of Tirana, Albania.

Coffee break

Moderators. Ass. Prof. Arjan Pushi, Prof. Arben Ivanaj

12. 30. Adela Perolla, MD, "Next-generation sequencing - a new era in

haematological malignancies", Hematology Service, UHC Tirana, Albania.

13. 00. Alma Cili MD, “CML 2018 update on diagnosis, therapy and monitoring”

Hematology Servic, UHC Tirana. Albania.

14. 00. Prof. Polikron Pulluqi, “Progress in treatment of AML. Anti- Flt3 in the treatment

of AML”. Hematology Servic, UMT of Tirana. Albania.

13.30. Ass. Prof. Arjan Pushi “Antimetabolites, current treatment in

Myelodisplasia”, Hematology Service, UMT of Tirana. Albania.

Lunch 13.30

15.00. Prof. Arjan Harxhi “Management of the Hepatitis B reactivation in the

patients treated with chemotherapy”. Infection clinic, UMT of Tirana. Albania.

15.30. Elsuarta Calliku MD, “Current treatment for ITP”. Hematology Service, UHC

Tirana, UMT of Tirana. Albania.

16. 00. Adriana Hate MD, “Treatment of Mantle Cell Lymphoma”, Durres Hospital,


16. 30. Silva Pregja, MBA, CCRP, “Conducting Clinical Trials Globally: Benefits and

Challenges”. Program Coordinator for Malignant Hematology Research

Program Karmanos Cancer Institute, Detroit, MI, USA.

17.00. The best abstract. Conclusion of the Congress. Certificate distributions

President i Kongresit XIII te AAH: Prof. Arben Ivanaj

Komiteti shkencore:

Prof. Arben Ivanaj

Prof. Alva Weir

Prof. Polikron Pulluqi

Ass. Prof. Tatjana Caja

Dr. Adela Perolla

Dr. Alma Cili

Dr. Elsuarta Isufi

Komiteti organizues

A.Ivanaj, President i Kongresit XIII te AAH

T. Caja

A. Cili, AAH-CME Unit Chair

Adela Perolla

P. Pulluqi

Sekretare i Shoqates Shqiptare e Hematologjise (AAH)

Dr. Adriana Hate

President i Shoqates Shqipatare e Hematologjise (AAH)

Prof. Arben Ivanaj

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